Regularly Used Temporary Local Rules

Exposed Tree Roots on Fairways:

Where a player’s ball lies on the closely-mown area (fairway) and is on an exposed tree root or so close to one that the intended swing is impeded, relief may be taken under Rule 25-1 (Abnormal Ground Conditions aka GUR).  Relief is NOT available for the player’s stance being affected by the tree root.

Ball on root

Ball so close to one that the intended swing is impeded

Fairway coring  – This local rule recognises that during the course of a round, a player may be confronted by aeration holes and loose plugs of dirt OR ground-up plugs of dirt which have been respread.



Turf plugs may be moved but irregularities of surface which have been created by the ground-up plugs may not be smoothed. 

For any of the above conditions, relief for lie of ball, stance or area of intended swing may be obtained via preferred lie 30cm OR the ball may be dropped at the nearest point, no nearer the hole, where interference no longer exists.  The position of the ball must be marked. 


Drainage Works – GUR – Rule 25-1:   Through the green, relief is available for interference by the sanded areas for lie of the ball, stance or area of intended swing.


Bunker Improvement Project – New Turf Surrounding Bunkers

Areas of new turf are now in play, however, if a ball lies in, or touches the seam of cut turf, or the seam interferes with the area of intended swing, without penalty the ball may be MARKED, LIFTED, CLEANED and PLACED within 30cm of where it lay, no nearer the hole.  Relief under this local rule is NOT available for stance.