PHGC Take Home Meals

Any questions please phone your Hospitality team on 8860 5816.

Members are advised that you need to order online no later than 3pm for same day collection.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • 400gm GF Slow braised beef cheeks / green peppercorns & onions / red wine beef reduction
  • 300gm GF King prawn tails / garlic & white wine cream sauce / shallots
  • 400gm GF Teriyaki roasted chicken / sautéed vegetables / sesame / sticky teriyaki reduction
    Choose your Growler and beer of choice below: The Growler is 946ml. They are not recommended for long term storage. Recommended maximum 24hours. Please understand this is while beer stock lasts and as beer is poured on collection, your choice may run out before you arrive. We will keep you updated as much as possible.


Heating Instructions:

Stove top
• Bring pot of water to boil
• Place bag in water and reduce to simmer

Fish, vegetables and mash all approx. 8 mins
All others approx. 18mins

Use tongs to remove bag from water, open and serve

• Remove from packaging
• Place in microwave suitable bowl
• Heat through

Please be careful contents will be hot once heated…..