TrackMan golf radar is the choice for swing and ball flight analysis by golf’s leading authorities; The PGA TOUR, The R&A, Tour Professionals and the Teaching Professionals here at Pennant Hills Golf Club.

Whether you want to include TrackMan into your lesson or just have a session with it, TrackMan is changing the way Professionals and Amateurs enjoy and improve our golf. Please contact the Proshop for your next TrackMan session.

Ten Things You Need To Know About TRACKMAN

1. What is TRACKMAN?

  • It is a launch monitor. It tracks the flight of the ball from when it is struck until it lands. It also measures the club delivery information like whether the clubface is open at impact.

2. What will it tell me?

  • 21 different variables of the shot, including how far it has gone and what type of spin is on the ball.

3. Why should I have a go?

  • It is used primarily for fitting clubs, balls, shafts etc, so we can tell which club or ball is best suited to your swing. It is also a great coaching tool as it quantifies what we are saying with raw data. That is, “yes, with that swing thought you are cutting across the ball 5 degrees less”.

4. Will it give me more distance?

  • Yes we guarantee we can get you hitting further with TrackMan.

5. Do The Manufacturers Use TRACKMAN

  • Every major club manufacturer in the world uses TrackMan to test their clubs and balls

6. Do The Top Professionals Use TRACKMAN

  • Martin Kaymer, Dustin Johnson, Darren Clarke and Graham McDowell among many Tour Pros own a TrackMan to practise with.

7. Do You Know What Speed Your Club Head Travels At

  • Average PGA Tour club head speed with a Driver is 112m/h. Our Club Champion Jerram Chudleigh is 121m/h.

8. How Far Do You Hit The Ball

  • Average LPGA driving distance is 200 meters carry. How do you stack up?

9. What Dose TRACKMAN Give You

  • It can give you a print-out of all your distances with each club….how useful is that!!

10. What Does A TrackMan Session Cost

  • Lesson – Free use in hourly lesson bookings
  • Club Fitting – $150 per hour and portion goes towards clubs if purchased
  • Driver fitting $150 and $50 off the purchase of the driver
  • Find your distances, combine tests, gaming – $150 per hour