Managed by a board of trustees representing Pennant Hills Golf Club, The Foundation provides support and funding to important projects in support of the aims and objectives of PHGC. The projects are generally large capital expenditure undertakings that generate significant member benefit and so avoid the need to excessively raise subscription levels.

The current trustees of the Foundation are; Ross Jackson (Chair), Peter Abraham, Michael Rowan, Simon Tremlett and Lesley Roberts as Nominees of the Board as well as Mark Bradbury an ex officio member and as Chair of the Club Board Planning Committee.

The current version of the deed of trust that governs the Pennant Hills Golf Club Foundation is below:

Deed of Trust

Under the Deed, the members of the Foundation are those who have contributed $1000 or more:


The PHGC Foundation is registered with the Australian Sports Commission (ASF) though a Grant Agreement enabling the Foundation to register and seek approval of the ASF to raise funds in support of a sporting project. Funds raised in support of these approved projects are tax deductible by the donor. Donors pay the ASF who deduct a commission fee of 5% before crediting the remaining 95% to the bank account of the Foundation.

Donors who do not seek a tax deductible arrangement are therefore naturally encouraged to donate directly to the Foundation. The donor portal to each of the sporting projects will offer each alternative.

Chairman’s Update – February 2023






Ross Jackson

Ross Jackson

Golf Academy 

PHGC Projects

Golf Academy 

The relocation of the Pro Shop to the main building has provided a number of efficiencies and benefits to staff and members alike. It has also left a legacy that includes (no change) to the suitably equipped storage facility for golf carts, the previous pro shop premises and the very old buggy and club storage rooms.

The old pro shop premises are need of roof repair but have provided an excellent history and archive facility that houses an impressive collection of club memorabilia, records and cultural curios. Well worth a visit. Unfortunately the old buggy and golf club storage wing is in need of demolition, it was built cheaply, it leaks and is highly likely to contain asbestos although not of the friable variety.

The original plans of the clubhouse extension and relocation of the pro shop included an indoor training capability; unfortunately this initiative was abandoned due to subsequent cost overruns and the discovery of asbestos.

Given our inability to offer an outdoor driving range together with the absence of all-weather lesson facilities and the growth of classes for juniors it has placed our exceptional teaching pros under some stress as well as hampering our capacity to provide modern -training facilities for members.

In response the Board have elected to consider demolition of the old storage wing and construct an integrated training and development centre that provides golf simulators linked to big screens, indoor nets and an all-weather trackman capability.

It is also planned to include adjacent outdoor chipping, putting and bunker play areas as well as provision for a classroom to be used in group lessons or seminars.

It is a stimulating project initiative that offers significant member benefit.

Visual Aids – Proposed Design:


Donate to the Golf Academy 

The Foundation is excited to undertake the task of raising the resources to complete this state of the art training and development centre. We are looking for “best of breed” here, and a training option for members that is otherwise unavailable in Sydney. Naming rights available.

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Kendal Binns Junior Fund

The Kendal Binns Junior Fund was first registered with the ASF in 2014. The Fund is now authorised as a sporting project under the umbrella of the PHGC Foundation and successfully functions through a Committee comprising Ed Truscott (Chair), Graeme Martin, Rhonda Parkinson, Rob Cornish and Hugh Gerdes.

Money raised by KBJF is allocated or applied under the direction of the Committee; it is used to provide the necessary support for young golfers to help them achieve their personal goals in golf whilst also helping them grow as fine young members of our Club. Whilst the Fund supports and nurtures individual players, the Club continues to support representative teams.

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The KBJF publishes a report each year and this can be found in the annual report of the club, the balance of the fund is listed as a Reserve in the Balance Sheet of the Club.

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Once received the office will then process your form and provide you with a receipt as an acknowledgement of your donation.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Club and ask to speak to the General Manager who will be only too happy to assist.

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